Our Story

If you were looking to learn a language, traditionally your first port of call would have been your local college or council.  As with many things in today’s society this has changed.   After dedicating a number of years to building our language courses at Kirklees College, we were shocked to find out these courses would no longer be offered.  Where would our dedicated, hardworking students go now? In response to demand from our students and a desire to continue the work we had started we (Vicky, Dominique & Lynne) decided to set up our own language school. Four years later we provide an important service to the community, offering adult education classes in French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German.  It has been an interesting and highly rewarding journey, which, with the occasional bump in the road, has taught us a great deal and made us what we are today.

A Great Place to Learn!

We now have our own dedicated language school in Meltham, Huddersfield which we continually reinvest in to improve the service we offer to our students.  A recent questionnaire to all students gave us some fantastic feedback and suggestions for improvement which we have already put in place.

Why Choose Us

We love what we do. Passionate about teaching and sharing our love of languages with our students makes for a fun filled highly motivational learning environment.

We believe in offering the highest standards in everything we do. The latest technology and resources support our teaching and help engage our students.

We have a wealth of experience between us and we can guarantee a fantastic learning experience.

It’s not just about language learning. We also offer extra activities such as cinema sessions, cookery and wine tasting evenings as well as social events.