Why learn Japanese?

Japan is the land of technology and innovation; it is also a country with a long and rich history.

Learning the Japanese language opens up horizons professionally; it also opens the gate to a way of thinking and perception which is different in many respects from its Western counterpart.

Culturally, Western countries are more and more influenced by Japan; anime, samurai, films, bonsai and many more aspects of the Japanese cultural heritage have become parts of popular Western culture. In addition, people often use Japanese forms of communication even without noticing it: it is enough to just think about emoji, which comes from Japan.

Learning Japanese provides a first-hand experience of, and innovative insight into Japanese language and culture. Although some may think that Japanese is a "difficult" language, and indeed written Japanese is completely different from European languages, this difficulty is compensated by a much simpler grammar than in European languages. For example, nouns don’t have gender, there are no articles, and so on.

Leaning Japanese interaction is also fun and challenging in a nice way. For example, the Japanese use a special inflection system that they perceive as "polite", different from "ordinary" scenarios.

Around 125 million people speak Japanese, and learning Japanese can become a highly practical endavour if one's goal is to interact with these people in various areas, such as commerce, tourism, art, innovation and technology. 

Also, Japan is a beautiful place, and many may want to learn the language to communicate locally when they go on holiday. 

Meet The Teacher

Hi, My name is Keiko Todo. I am qualified in teaching Japanese as a second language. I have taught Japanese in China, Taiwan and Hungary. I am a passionate teacher; I find it amazing to help others understand the Japanese language and culture, and often I learn as much from my students about their culture as they learn from me!

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