At The Modern Language School we have created a card game which helps you to learn the most common irregular verb families in a fun and engaging way. The game is available in French, Spanish or Italian.


Happy Verbs is a game for 3 to 5 players, played with 42 cards; 7 verb families of 6 persons. For example in Spanish the verb family ‘to be’ comprises of:

“I am”, “you are” (singular/informal),
“he/she/it is” & “you are” (singular/formal)”,
“we are”, “you are” (plural/informal),
“they are” & “you are” (plural/formal).

The aim of the game is to collect as many complete verb families as possible.

Our game is suitable for all ages and can act as either a fantastic introduction to a modern foreign language or as a great additional resource as you learn a language.

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