Lynne Hill

Hola, my name is Lynne Hill, an enthusiastic, experienced and qualified language teacher (BA Hons 2:1, PGCSE) who has a passion for both teaching Spanish and of all things Spanish! I am committed to delivering the highest standards of Spanish classes and I feel privileged to be able to teach students my favourite subject. I work hard to support all my students in their learning, to help them progress and achieve success in speaking Spanish. In class a wide range of activities are used, so suit all learning styles, with the main focus being on speaking and listening. I hope you will enjoy the classes as much as I enjoy teaching you! When on holiday, take pleasure from what learning Spanish can bring. Hispanic people are amazingly generous and if you can speak the language you will find yourself welcomed in a way that would never happen if you only spoke English. You will find speaking Spanish opens up a vast new world!


My name is Jude and I have been immersed in the Spanish language for most of my life, one way or another. I am an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Spanish teacher having completed my Spanish and English Language degree in 2011 (BA Hons First), thereby achieving one of my lifelong ambitions. I am passionate about the language, the people and the culture of Spain and I am committed to delivering the highest standard of Spanish classes for my students, recognising that we all learn in different ways and at different speeds. I endeavour to provide the best possible learning environment for my students, enabling them to learn to the best of their ability, by making my lessons informative, interesting and above all fun! There is no better feeling than speaking Spanish, either when on holiday or to other native speakers and actually being understood. Speaking the language of the country you are in opens so many doors – both literally and figuratively! So why not give it a go – you never know where it might lead!

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